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Edgar Wright casts "Baby Driver" in 1974

Blake HowardComment
Edgar Wright casts "Baby Driver" in 1974

Edgar Wright is a premiere movie geek. Like Quentin Tarantino before him, he’s got a rolodex in his mind of thousands of films. Inspired by the below photo of Edgar consuming Peter Bogdanovich’s latest novel and after pouring over “Edgar Wright’s 1000 Favourite Movies” on MUBI, I was desperate to find out how he’d recast his film through the ages,specifically the 70s, 80s and 90s. Wright’s first response was  “it’s giving me brain ache,” and needed a more specific challenge. Targeting one of Wright’s favourite years of cinema, 1974, he arrived at the ultimate 70s “Baby Driver.”

Ansel Elgort’s Baby was replaced by Ryan O’Neill.  Wright went on to say “He was already in The Driver, so he may as well be in this one as well.”

Lily James’ Debora was substituted for “Goldie Hawn.”

Kevin Spacey’s Doc was replaced with a reflexive deliberate response “Burt Lancaster.”

For Jon Hamm’s Buddy, Wright proclaimed “Dean Martin” before descendinginto laughs.

Finally, Jamie Foxx’s  Bats needed a replacement and Wright was not as decisive. “What about Richard Rowntree? No,  I want to change it. Let’s say Bernie Casey.”

There you have it, “Baby Driver” if Edgar Wright was making and casting it in 1974.

“Baby Driver” is out now in Australia.

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